ICC Conference - Strasbourg 2016

«Building the worldwide agreement with Rotary and Inter-Country Committees»

ICC Enlarged Executive Council - 6-7 May 2016
Strasbourg, France
This conference of the Rotary Inter-Country Committees took place at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
The Council of Europe was founded in May 1949 by 10 countries under the initiative of Winston Churchill to promote democracy, human rights and human values expression on which are built civilizations at a time where half of the European continent were ruled by communist regimes. Today, the institutions of the Council of Europe play a key role in the promoting mutual understanding between European nations: European Court of Human Rights, Committee of Ministers, comprising the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), which comprises national parliamentarians from all member states, Conference of NGOs (in which Rotary is a member).
The Council of Europe, Rotary and its Inter-Country Committees share and work toward the same goal: to help foster a peaceful world.

On the
Agenda of the conference:
  • Role of the Council of Europe in the achievement of the European mutual understanding
  • Role of Rotary in the Council of Europe
  • Human rights
  • Role of Rotary and its ICC in the building of peace
  • Peace in the Mediterranean
This event falls within the long history of Rotary relationships with International Organizations.