«Ambassadors  for  the  Peace  in the world»

The mission of an Inter-Country Committee is to connect people in  facilitating the creation, development and progress of an effective  and sustainable international network of bilateral relations and activities to catch all opportunities in a tuned effort to promote a  climate for maintaining Peace and improving Understanding, worldwide.

Inter-Country Committees have been part of our Rotary World since 1950 and, as you might know,  they represent a further strategy to accomplish Rotary’s objectives. A strategy that looks ahead  in paving the way for stronger, positive, effective relations among  different cultures, engaging diversities, overcoming barriers and this:
  • Serving as ambassadors of countries,
  • Learning more about other countries,
  • Assistance in finding partner clubs in other countries,
  • Developing networks of sister clubs,
  • Focusing on shared visions and common interests,
  • Organizing events to learn more about each other, eliminating existing stereotypes,
  • Fostering, through public relations efforts, new fellowships and possibly new friendships,
  • Assistance in finding partners for interesting club projects,
  • Showing the best examples of successful bilateral cooperation,
  • Involving the young generation in ICC activities,
  • Presenting an outstanding example of innovative manners to improve  peace and understanding,
  • Supporting all strategic areas of focus of Rotary International.
Activities and initiatives of ICC’s are not competitive to any existing Rotary programs. To the contrary, ICC's provide significant support to all programs.

Should you wish to learn more about this fascinating activity or wish to join us, please visit our website, contact your ICC National Coordinator or contact us directly through our website or on Rotary’s, in the ICC Discussion Group section.

Thank you for your continuing support!
 Andrzej LUDEK
Chair 2016-2018 of Inter-Country Committees Executive Council
Rotary International Governor 2001-2002 of District 2230 (Belarus, Poland, Ukraine)
ICC National Coordinator (Poland)
Member of Rotary Club Warszawa City, D-2231 (Poland)​