Join us for the “Mediterranean Peace Initiative Conference

20 November 2020

You are invited to participate to a virtual conference, the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO and the ICC Executive Council, are jointly organizing on the theme “Mediterranean Peace Initiative”.

This conference will take place, online, on Saturday 28th November at 2:00 PM CET.

The main purpose of the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO is to develop international relationships and foster cultural exchange between Rotaract clubs and districts from its member Districts and countries all over the Mediterranean region.

With the goal to unite and support Rotaractors in their service and devotion in achieving better and more sustainable future for all, Rotaract Mediterranean supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN which address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

Every year, the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO is having during their main event of the year, the MEDICON the “Mediterranean Peace Forum”, an annual event with the goal of promoting peace.

For 70 years, the Rotary Intercountry committees (ICC) have help Rotarians to create bridges of friendship, foster peace, and facilitate cooperation between different cultures and improve understanding among nations.

Consistent with the RI Strategic plan, ICCs provide significant support to all programs of Rotary International and of the Rotary Foundation by expanding Rotary service, and carrying out large-scale projects which are increasing the effectiveness of international in the Rotary area of focus and help increase Rotary membership development

The ICC Executive council has been coordinated since several years, the ICC “Mediterranean Peace Initiative” to encourage the development of tangible action plans supported by the ICC sections of this area.

The Mediterranean Region is one of the most sensitive parts of our world, boiling in all kinds of disputes and conflicts throughout history. In this area, we have countries, three religions practiced with different faiths, 8 spoken languages, all in a profile of diversified cultures and different socio-economic platforms.

The Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO and the ICC “Mediterranean Peace Initiative” purpose aims to build bridges between the communities around the Mediterranean and facilitate he basic and common denominator of sustainable PEACE in the region.

Rotary and Rotaract, by their international structure, communication network and membership profile can fulfil and effective role to facilitate mutual understanding and preparing the basic environment for peace, by gathering people of different nationalities, different religions, different races, and diversified cultures, speaking different languages.

ICCs and Rotaract clubs in the Mediterranean Region as well as the other ICCs and Rotaract clubs that have interests in the Region, can accomplish Rotary’s peace mission thanks to three strong assets of our Organization:

  1. 1. Our international network
  2. Our capable and experienced organizational structure focused on seven strategic areas aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Our active, diversified and intellectual membership dedicated and committed to improve living conditions of people and to facilitate peace

By organizing this joint conference which will highlight tangible practices that contribute to world peace, the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO and the ICC Executive Council wish to demonstrate that both the Intercountry Committees and Rotaractors are a driving force of Rotary in our actions to contribute to build a better world.