A new ICC between GB&I and Portugal

14 March 2021

The charter ceremony of the new InterCountry Committee between Great Britain and Ireland and Portugal took place virtually on Sunday 14th March 2021.

Over 50 persons attended the ceremony and among them, were Rotary International Director-elect Nicki Scott, Judith Diment, the dean of the Rotary Representative to UN network, and districts Governors Andrew Bateman (District 1040, UK) Christoper Firth (District 1100, UK), Roberto Carvalho (District 1960, Portugal), Sérgio Almeida (District 1970, Portugal).

Congratulations to the ICC sections chairs Rosa Saraiva and Cathy Burns and a big thank you to Cecília Sequeira and James Onions, respectively ICC national coordinator for Portugal and GB&I.

Since 1921 and the resolution passed at the Rotary International Convention in Edinburg, reaching across borders to promote peace, international understanding and goodwill have always been an integral part of the essence of our organization.

And Rotarians have put this philosophy into practice through the development and the activities of Intercountry committees.

A year ago our world started to face the consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its many consequences have reinforced my motivation and my vision for Intercountry committees.

The quality and the consistency of international friendship are more important than ever, as we are standing on the threshold of a new era.

We must use our ICCs to put into practice Rotary’s message and to build bridges around the world.

By working together, we will demonstrate that ICC is a driving force of Rotary in our actions to contribute to build a better world.