Online conference of Rotary Inter-Country Committees and Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO on the theme: "Mediterranean Peace Initiative" - 28 November 2020

Join the Mediterranean Peace Initiative Online Conference by Rotary Inter-Country Committees (ICC) and Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO!

The Mediterranean Region is one of the most sensitive parts of our world, boiling in all kinds of disputes and conflicts throughout history. In this area, we have 21 countries, many religions practiced with different faiths, 8 spoken languages, all in a profile of diversified cultures and different socio-economic platforms.
The conference is being co-organized by the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO and Rotary Inter-Country Committees Executive Council on Saturday 28th November 2020 at 02:00PM CET.
The conference will be held virtually using digital tools to broadcast the conference on the internet and facilitate exchange and debate among participants.