July 1, 2022 – Mohamed Ghammam new Chairman 2022-2024 of the Rotary Inter-Country Committees Executive Council

3 July 2022

Greetings message at the beginning of the mandate, by Mohamed Ghammam.

Dear ICC Family, my dear friends,

I would like at this beginning of the year, in my personal name and in the name of the members of the committee of the Executive Council of the Intercountry Committees, to wish you with all my heart a happy new year and much success on the path of service, prosperity and peace.

I would like to congratulate you and congratulate my friend Cyril Noirtin Immediate Past President and the whole team who accompanied him for the relevant actions carried out during these difficult years of Covid and non-peace.
We begin this year aware that humanity feels a new demand for solidarity which is both a dawning reality and a promise to be fulfilled.
We are also convinced that we are all Rotary Peace Builders loving Peace and acting for a prosperous and united world.
We must have a clear vision, ambitious medium-term objectives and Action Plans that allow us to act better and to act more.

Our vision is inspired by the presidential theme of 2022-2023.
Let’s imagine a World at Peace and let’s imagine Intercountry Committees acting as Rotary Peace Builders, active, efficient, dynamic and united in all the countries of our planet.
We started with the analysis of the current situation of ICCs and we know where we are?
We prepared and presented mid-term objectives at the Brussels meeting and at the Houston Convention.
We then identified seven action plans concerning the administration of ICCs, Expansion, Image and Communication, actions that change lives and bring people together, the involvement of Rotaractors, Governance and adaptation and also concerning the Finances of the ICCs.

We have made improvements to our organization chart by creating a regional leadership level, called Task Force Expansion ICC per Region.
Its role will be to explore the possibilities of developing ICCs in each region, to create new National Coordinations and to provide training for members.
You will have more details on these Action Plans, on the composition of our Committee and on the novelties introduced very soon, on our new website (www.rotary-icc.org) and also on our new CIP/ICC Magazine which will be published for the first time.

In terms of our immediate program, we have planned to organize our first meeting of the Executive Council of the ICCs in Lille, France on October 14, 2022, on the eve of a European Forum on Peace which will be held the day before , on October 15.
The ICC President-Elect and Vice- President, Nathalie Huyghebaert is in charge of organizing this event. I invite you to come in large numbers and participate in these two events and I ask you to reserve the date while waiting for a related letter with all the necessary details.

We also plan to participate in the next few months in four Rotary Institutes to develop the image of the ICCs and talk about our programs and achievements in the presence of Governors, Governors elected and Governors nominees:
– Abidjan (Ivory Coast) September 9 -10, 2022
– Basel (Switzerland) November 1-6, 2022
– Limassol (Cyprus) November 10-13, 2022
– Dubai (Asia) December 2-4, 2022.
I invite you to participate in these Institutes as much as possible to talk about our actions, our achievements and our action projects for a positive Peace.

Dear ICC Family, my dear friends,
I renew to you all my wishes for happiness and success and I would be happy to meet you and listen to you soon.


Mohamed Ghammam
Chairman, ICC Executive Council (2022-2024)

Date: July 1, 2022