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Strengthening Rotary ICC projects and initiatives helps us tell Rotary’s story in a clear and compelling way. By providing a consistent image of what Rotary ICC stands for and what we are doing, we can engage members, prospective members, donors, and volunteers in our work to improve communities around the world and create bridges between Rotarians and Rotaractors from different cultures and nations.

Official Intercountry Committees brochure

The Intercountry Committees brochure is a great tool to promote ICCs to Rotarians and Rotaractors. It may be distributed to any club, district or zone meetings.

Copies of the brochures are usually available on the ICC booth at the House of Friendship of the Rotary International Convention.

We invite to you to download one of the PDF files below:

ICC Official Logo

A consistent voice and visual identity are essential components of a strong brand.

The RI Board has established guidelines for clubs, districts, and programs to use the Rotary logo with the appropriate identifiers. You have likely seen the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines available in Rotary’s Brand Center. While they don’t specifically talk about Intercountry Committees, RI made a decision in 2013 to discontinue program-specific logos (RYLA, Friendship Exchanges, etc.). 

This is why we have developed a new logo for ICCs, fully in compliant with Rotary Policy on the use of the Rotary brand, to ensure that our ICC communication is presented in a unified way, helping to build awareness and recognition of Rotary and Intercountry Committees.

The ICC logo is a lockup of the official Rotary logo. It combines the Masterbrand Signature of Rotary to the left for visibility and recognition and the ICC design on the right.

To create a logo Lockups for your ICC, follow the guidelines illustrated below:

You can have the ICC logo in your language (here is the example of the logo in french)

Subnational Intercountry Committees districts should use the Districts identifier with the ICC logo 

The ICC logo in different formats can be dowloaded via the following link : ICC Logos

ICC Promotional materials

Use this Rotary banners and posters to promote Rotary ICCs during Rotary district conferences, zone institute, club events, ….

We invite to you to download one of the PDF files below: